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hi there, this is adrian. if you're in a band that played at rock… - peopledie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 21st, 2005|03:01 am]


hi there, this is adrian. if you're in a band that played at rock against dick cheney on 5/20/05, this may interest you.

do you remember those condenser mics that were set up on the floor pointing toward the stage area? those were there because i was recording pretty much the entire night. i have high-quality recordings of every band that played in the show. however, that's all i have right now; they're not cut, arranged, mixed or mastered, nor do i have a viable means of hosting them to a million people at once.

so if you're interested in getting a copy of your live performance, it might be a little while before that's all done, but it'll sound excellent in the end, definitely. and when it is done, i will only send the recordings to band members. what you do with the recordings after that is up to you.

i hope everyone enjoyed playing that evening. keep checking this livejournal community, and contact me on aim sn adrianistired if you're really antsy about it :)

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[User Picture]From: burstroc
2005-05-22 03:42 am (UTC)
there'll be peopledie stuff!

don't worry!
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From: duct_tapesoup
2005-05-23 10:15 pm (UTC)
hook us up!
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[User Picture]From: burstroc
2005-05-25 04:58 am (UTC)
it's on its way.
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